Volunteers appreciated! WIKISTIM will be of most value when the entire neuromodulation literature is included, with new reports added as they are published. Thus, we encourage researchers and clinicians in the field of neuromodulation to submit data from papers awaiting inclusion and/or to suggest categories or corrections. The work of all collaborators will be gratefully acknowledged in our newsletter.

Here are links to the data sheets. After you click on the link, you might have to save it as “page source” so it will download on your desktop in CSV format. You may, of course, work on it with another program, such as EXCEL, adjusting column widths accordingly. Please email completed data sheets to If you have any trouble downloading one of these files, email us, and we’ll send it to you.

GES datasheet with instructions
DBS datasheet with instructions
DRG datasheet with instructions
PNS datasheet with instructions
SCS datasheet with instructions
SNS datasheet with instructions