Spinal cord stimulation normalizes abnormal cortical pain processing in patients with cardiac syndrome X.

Publication Information

Author(s): Sestito A, Lanza GA, Le Pera D, De Armas L, Sgueglia GA, Infusino F, Miliucci R, Tonali PA, Crea F, Valeriani M.
Journal: Pain
Volume, issue, pages: 139(1):82-89
Year: 2008
PubMed Link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18440702

Study description

Patient selection

Demographic / prognostic factors

Pain location

Pain characteristics

Indications (trial/implant)

Screening trial


System implantation


Outcomes: pain

Other beneficial outcomes

Biological complications

Device complications

Stimulation side effects

Cost effectiveness

Faculty and staff

Data extraction information

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